63-4867-30 Littelfuse, 630mA Glass Cartridge Fuse, 5 x 20mm, Speed T 0218.630MXP


  • Littelfuse 218 Series Slo-Blo Fuses 5x20mm. The Littlefuse 218 series of fuses are time-lag, glass fuses which form part of their Slo Blo™ range. These reliable, cost-effective devices are ideal for circuit protection in many applications, such as appliances or utilisation equipment. The Littlefuse 218 cartridge fuse range includes various different Amp ratings and interrupting ratings. So you will be sure to find a fuse to suit your application. Features: Variety of Current Ratings Available 250V Voltage Rating Meets Global Standards RoHS Compliant Lead Free. Why choose a glass fuse? Glass and ceramic fuses have similar properties. However you may choose a glass fuse as it enables you to see the inside of the fuse. Therefore it is easier to determine whether the fuse has blown. What size is it? 5x20 mm is a standard cartridge size and it measures approximately 20 mm long by 5 mm in diameter. They are popular in board and panel protection and will fit a compatible 5x20 fuse holder. What Speed is it? Time lag fuses, also known as time delay or slow-blow fuses, are designed to allow a spike in electricity for a short time before the fuse blows. This current can be above the rated value of the fuse for a short period of time.


  • Quantity:1bag(10pieces)
  • Current Rating : 630mA
  • Fuse Size : 5 x 20mm
  • Voltage Rating : 250V ac
  • Overall Length : 20mm
  • Diameter : 5mm
  • Body Material : Glass
  • Breaking Capacity at Maximum Voltage Rating : 35 A
  • Minimum Operating Temperature : -55°C
  • CODE No.:541-4498
Order No. 63-4867-30
Model No. 0218.630MXP
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