63-4867-51 RS PRO Axial Fan, 40 x 40 x 20mm, 7cfm, 1.4W, 24 V dc 541-5148


  • RS Pro DC Brushless Motor Axial Fans. Brought to you by RS Pro, this wide range of DC brushless axial fans provide excellent cooling purposes. With their robust design and a motor incorporating polarity protection, the benefits of each axial fan speak for themselves for proficient cooling and ventilation purposes. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality. Features and Benefits. Motor Polarity Protection Dual ball bearing internals Compact and robust fan design Die cast aluminium frame (Black) Excellent and consistent air flow. What are the benefits of a DC brushless motor?. Brushless motors have the advantage of a high power to weight ratio and their performance at high speeds. For applications which require a high impeller speed for a more consistent cooling purpose, brushless DC axial fans are a perfect solution. Does this fan use ball bearings or sleeve bearings?. This range of axial fans uses ball bearings. Although both are suitable for virtually the same applications, ball bearings are the more common choice. This is mainly due to their longevity and the ability to be mounted and draw/push air in any axis position. What kind of safety features are available with this fan?. The polarity protection provided with the motor ensures a smooth and consistent operation. A polarity issue can cause the motor to fail, overheat or be internally damaged. Thankfully, this RS Pro series of axial fans protects against this outcome. What is an Axial Fan?. An axial fan is a type of fan commonly used within everyday applications, such as air conditioners and computers. It causes both air and gas (depending on the application) to flow directly through it in an axial direction at different speeds. Allowing the air flow to be axial and both entry and exit. The most common versions tend to have fewer impeller blades than conventional duct fans or centrifugal fans which have similar operations.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Supply Voltage : 24 V dc
  • Height : 40mm
  • Width : 40mm
  • Maximum Current : 60mA
  • Air Flow : 7cfm
  • Noise Level : 30dB
  • Fan Speed : 6200rpm
  • Static Pressure : 0.19in/H2O
  • Bearing Type : Ball
  • Fan Housing Shape : Square
  • Termination Type : Lead Wire
  • CODE No.:541-5148
Order No. 63-4867-51
Model No. 541-5148
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