63-4867-56 [Discontinued]RS PRO Axial Fan, 60 x 60 x 15mm, 16cfm, 2.2W, 24 V dc 541-5205


  • RS Pro DC Brushless Axial Fans. Brought to you by RS Pro, these axial fans are a perfect choice for cooling applications. With a fully integrated electronic commutation, this axial fan provides a durable and smooth airflow to the device it is cooling. Establishing the relevant axial fan needed, the RS Pro series of DC Brushless fans are designed to be up there with the best. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality. Features and Benefits. PBT Thermoplastic casing Square orientation Can be mounted in a horizontal and vertical position Low noise levels Smooth and efficient air flow. How noisy are these fans?. Due to the low decibel levels these Axial Fans produce, they are non-intrusive in quitter environments. As an example, a whisper would register as 30 dB, the highest decibel level of this entire RS Pro range would register at 51 dB, the lowest being 18. Meaning these can be classed as whisper quiet. What are axial fans?. Axial fans are a type of fan used within everyday applications, such as air conditioners and computers. They cause both air and gas (depending on the application) to flow directly through it in an axial direction. Allowing the air/gas flow to be axial and both entry and exit. You would find RS Pro axial fans used in everyday devices, such as fridges, engines and PCs. What is a brushless motor?. A standard brushed motor uses carbon brushes, ring magnets, armatures and commutators. The RS Pro Brushless series takes away all of those components. Leaving a lightweight, durable and smooth performing axial fan. Helping contribute to cost saving and eliminating possible item weight issues. Does this fan use ball bearings or sleeve bearings?. This axial fan uses ball bearings. Ball bearings are usually the most common choice within axial fans. this is mainly due to their reputation of an excellent service life, ball bearing fans are known to run at full speed with no interruptions for many years. If your axial fan needs to be mounted in a positions where the blades are facing in an awkward direction, ball bearing internals mean the fan can be mounted in any axial position.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Supply Voltage : 24 V dc
  • AC or DC Operation : DC
  • Power Consumption : 2.2W
  • Maximum Current : 50mA
  • Air Flow : 16cfm
  • Noise Level : 33dB
  • Fan Speed : 4500rpm
  • Static Pressure : 0.15in/H2O
  • Bearing Type : Ball
  • Fan Housing Shape : Square
  • Direction of Curve : Backward
  • CODE No.:541-5205
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Model No. 541-5205
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