63-4867-78 [Discontinued]RS PRO Wire Stripper 4.5 → 26mm Stripping Range 541-7015


  • Standard Cable Stripper. Cable stripper for fast and effective stripping of outer insulation from round cable Consists of spring-loaded gripping arm with blade, which has an adjustable cutting depth up to 3 mm Simple grip and rotate action cuts cleanly around circumference of cable Blade may be turned through 90° by pushing a side button. In this position, the tool cuts along the length of a cable, which enables insulation to be peeled away easily V shaped plastic jaw fitted to gripping arm, for easier rotation of the tool around cables Stripping range 4.5-26 mm diameter Replacement blades available (RS < 667-3430') 667-3430/ , also < 469-7046') 469-7046/ for discontinued 547-442)


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Cable Type : Round
  • Stripping Range : 4.5 → 26mm
  • Minimum Size : 4.5mm
  • Maximum Size : 26mm
  • CODE No.:541-7015
Order No. 63-4867-78
Model No. 541-7015
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