TE Connectivity

63-4867-93 TE Connectivity Economy 800 2.54mm Pitch Vertical 8 Way, Through Hole Stamped Pin Open Frame IC Dip Socket, 3A 2-1571552-2


  • TE Connectivity PCB DIP Sockets with Stamped and Formed Contacts - Economy 800 Series. Economy 800 series PCB DIP sockets with open ladder style frame and 2.54mm centerline. These PCB DIP IC sockets mount vertically and have stamped and formed gold plated contacts with four fingered mating. Precision four-finger inner contact provides concentric funnel entry for easy flat and round lead insertion "X" and "Y" Stackable Open ladder for cooling, cleaning and inspection Low profile Accommodates rectangular or round IC leads Non-wicking, closed bottom sleeve gives 100% protection against flux and solder contamination Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. file No. E111362 Beryllium copper inner contact for maximum mechanical and electrical performance


  • Quantity:1set(60pieces)
  • Number of Contacts : 8
  • Mounting Type : Through Hole
  • Pin Type : Stamped
  • Pitch : 2.54mm
  • Row Width : 7.62mm
  • Frame Type : Open Frame
  • Termination Method : Solder
  • Contact Plating : Gold, Tin
  • Current Rating : 3A
  • Orientation : Vertical
  • Length : 10.16mm
  • Width : 4.57mm
  • Depth : 10.16mm
  • Dimensions : 10.16 x 4.57 x 10.16mm
  • Series : Economy 800
  • CODE No.:542-3537
Order No. 63-4867-93
Model No. 2-1571552-2
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Quantity 1set(60pieces)
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