63-4868-06 RS PRO 2.54mm Pitch Spring Test Probe With Concave Tip, 3A 542-4984


  • RS Pro Spring Probe with Concave Head. Brought to you under the trusted RS Pro Brand, this concave headed spring spade terminal probe is designed to be used with an appropriate receptacle, which is ordered separately. Having the probe separate from the receptacle allows easy replacement of damaged spring test probes without disturbing the wiring. The probe is suited ideally (in development and production) for automatic test equipment (ATE) and test jigs, where fast testing of multipoint PCBs and sub-assemblies is required. Receptacles can be push fitted into the mounting plate to provide an airtight seal without the use of adhesives. The concave head is ideal for long leads, terminals and wire wrap posts. Features and Benefits. Contact Resistance of 50mΩ Current Rating of 3A Gold Plated Spring Pressure of 1.47 N(g)


  • Quantity:1bag(5pieces)
  • Pitch : 2.54mm
  • Length : 24.7mm
  • Body Material : Phosphor Bronze
  • Current Rating : 3A
  • Contact Resistance : 30mΩ
  • Probe Tip Type : Concave
  • CODE No.:542-4984
Order No. 63-4868-06
Model No. 542-4984
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Quantity 1bag(5pieces)
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