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63-4868-08 Advance Tapes AT521 Conductive Aluminium Tape 0.07mm, W.19mm, L.33m 231904


  • Always think about the galvanic compatibility before using the AT521 tapes. Refer to the datasheet for more information on the tapes. AT521 40μ EMI/RFI Conductive Tape. The Advance Tapes AT521 40 μ aluminium foil shielding tape has been designed to provide you with good shielding and conductivity through its removable silicone liner. The foil tapes are easy to unwind, easy to use and are aesthetically pleasing. Features and Benefits. Good chemical, heat, acid and alkali resistance Good resistance to high and low temperatures The foil construction is tested in-house and conforms to the flame retardant requirement part only of UL510 Tested in accordance with ASTM D-1000 latest issue, BS EN 60454 - Part 2 test methods (Formerly VDE 0340,BS 3924). Tested and meets military specification MIL – T – 47012. Typical Applications. Use the AT521 tape for your EMI/RFI and static shielding


  • Quantity:1roll(33m)
  • Total Thickness : 0.07mm
  • Foil Thickness : 0.04mm
  • Width : 19mm
  • Length : 33m
  • Adhesion Strength : 4.5 N/cm
  • Adhesive Material : Acrylic
  • Tensile Strength : 25N/cm
  • Conductivity : Conductive
  • Maximum Temperature Resistance : +155°C
  • Minimum Temperature Resistance : -20°C
  • Complies with EN Legislation : BS EN 60454 - Part 2
  • Model Number : AT521
  • CODE No.:542-5296
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Model No. 231904
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