TE Connectivity

63-4868-15 TE Connectivity B-155-MIXT-01 Solder Sleeve Kit, 1.5 → 15.1mm B-155-MIXT-01


  • Solder Sleeves and Kit. The Solder Sleeve introduction kit contains various solder sleeves suitable for terminating a wide range of cable and wire constructions from 0.9mm to 15.1mm. Solder Sleeves provide insulated, environmentally sealed; strain-relieved soldered connections Temperature range -55°C to +125°C Terminate bare or tin plated conductors Supplied in a storage case with locking lid Refills available - see Solder Sleeves, as well as other High-Spec Solder Sleeves and Wire to wire Splices.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Type : B-155 Kit
  • Contents : Solder Sleeves Assortment
  • Minimum Cable Diameter : 1.5mm
  • Maximum Cable Diameter : 15.1mm
  • Minimum Operating Temperature : -55°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : +125°C
  • CODE No.:542-5583
Order No. 63-4868-15
Model No. B-155-MIXT-01
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