TE Connectivity

63-4868-18 TE Connectivity Transparent Solder Sleeve 0.9 → 2mm B-155-1501


  • Wire Termination: Pin, Post ; Tab. Each terminator consists of heatshrinkable sleeve containing prefluxed solder preform. To install, simply position the terminator over the pre-stripped wire/pin and apply heat. The sleeve will shrink and the solder will melt and flow, resulting in a perfectly soldered, insulated and strain relieved termination. On connectors where there are several pins to be terminated it is possible to position and recover an entire row of solder sleeves in one go.,Recommended for use with most connector pins/posts/tabs applications such as LED's, switches, multiple row/pin connectors.


  • Quantity:1box(500pieces)
  • Minimum Cable Diameter : 0.9mm
  • Maximum Cable Diameter : 2mm
  • Sleeve Length : 16mm
  • Material : Polyolefin
  • Minimum Operating Temperature : -55°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : +125°C
  • Colour : Transparent
  • CODE No.:542-5741
Order No. 63-4868-18
Model No. B-155-1501
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