TE Connectivity

63-4868-19 TE Connectivity Transparent Solder Sleeve 2.3 → 4.5mm B-155-4174-35-22-5/9-10


  • RoHS. Coaxial Cable Solder Sleeve. Solder sleeve coaxial cable terminators allow a fast, reliable, easy and economical method of attaching leads to the braid and centre conductor to the cables. The insulating and strain relief provides the ideal solution to centre conductor breakage problems.,Each kit consists of two heatshrinkable sleeves, each containing a ground and signal lead, fluxed solder preform and thermoplastic sealing rings. The two sleeves are positioned and heated for fast, easy part installation and positioning.,They are ideal for the attachment of coaxial cables to connector buckets, pins and terminals.,These products are especially designed for low temperature (PVC) style coaxial cables, typically RG174, RG58 and RG59. SolderSleeve coaxial cable terminators allow easy reliable terminations for various coaxial cable applications. Insulation and strain relieving capabilities SolderSleeve terminators provide are the ideal solution to centre conductor breakage problems. SolderSleeve coaxial cable terminators allow dependable economical attachment of coaxial cable to connector terminals, printed wiring assemblies, or solderless wrap terminals. Transparent polyvinylidene fluoride or polyolefin insulation sleeve Sleeve provides encapsulation, inspectability and strain relief, eliminating centre conductor breakage and insulation Prefluxed solder preform provides a controlled soldering process One-piece design Easy installation and lower installed cost Preinstalled termination leads for convenience and ease of installation


  • Quantity:1box(10pieces)
  • Minimum Cable Diameter : 2.3mm
  • Maximum Cable Diameter : 4.5mm
  • Sleeve Length : 33mm
  • Material : Polyolefin
  • Minimum Operating Temperature : -55°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : +125°C
  • Colour : Transparent
  • CODE No.:542-5808
Order No. 63-4868-19
Model No. B-155-4174-35-22-5/9-10
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