63-4869-52 Littelfuse ZA Series Metal Oxide Varistor 9.29nF 10A, Clamping 65V, Varistor 36.5V V33ZA5P


  • Littelfuse Metal Oxide Varistors - LA / MA / ZA Series. Littelfuse metal oxide varistors are compact and versatile, and can be used within a wide range of applications. The LA series of MOV s are radial-lead varistors that are designed to be operated continuously across AC power lines. The MA series of MOV s are axial-lead varistors that are designed for use in a wide variety of board level industrial and commercial electronic equipment, protecting components and signal/data lines from low energy transients. The ZA series of MOV s are radial-lead varistors that are designed for use in the protection of low and medium-voltage circuits and systems. Typical applications include motor control, telecom, automotive systems, solenoid, and power supply circuits to protect circuit board components and maintain data integrity.


  • Quantity:1bag(5pieces)
  • Varistor Voltage : 36.5V
  • Maximum AC Voltage Rating : 20V
  • Maximum DC Voltage Rating : 26V
  • Clamping Voltage : 65V
  • Clamping Current : 10A
  • Energy : 6J
  • Series : ZA
  • Diameter : 17mm
  • Maximum Surge Current : 1000A
  • Capacitance : 9.29nF
  • Thickness : 5mm
  • Dimensions : 17 (Dia.) x 5mm
  • Lead Pitch : 8.5mm
  • CODE No.:543-5209
Order No. 63-4869-52
Model No. V33ZA5P
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