63-4869-55 EPCOS 47000μF 63V dc Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor, Chassis Mount 64.3 (Dia.) x 105.7mm +85°C 64.3mm B41456B8479M000


  • B41456 Series. The B41456 series of aluminium capacitors from EPCOS has a charge-discharge proof construction with screw terminals. Reliable electrical contact is ensured by an all welded construction and these aluminium capacitors offer high ripple current capability and high reliability. Features and Benefits:. Aluminium case with insulating PVC sleeve. Mounting with threaded stud, ring clips or clamps (not included). Poles with screw terminal connections. Long life. Compact Design. High reliability. Product Applications:. Suitable applications for B41456 aluminium capacitors include professional equipment switch mode power supplies and industrial electronics.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Capacitance : 47000µF
  • Voltage : 63V dc
  • Mounting Type : Chassis Mount
  • Technology : Electrolytic
  • Dimensions : 64.3 (Dia.) x 105.7mm
  • Height : 105.7mm
  • Minimum Operating Temperature : -40°C
  • Diameter : 64.3mm
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : +85°C
  • Lifetime : 12000h
  • Series : B41456
  • Equivalent Series Resistance : 5mΩ
  • CODE No.:543-6729
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