63-6545-98 [Out of stock]Digitron 2106T Digital Thermometer, 1 Input Handheld, T Type Input 2106T7


  • 2 off AA alkaline batteries and instructions. Digitron 2106T Thermocouple Thermometer. The Digitron 2106T thermometer is ideal for use within the food industry. Food safe keypad to eliminate potential food traps Fast response display IP67 waterproof Incorporate the food industry standard Lumberg connector for thermistor and the type T thermocouple probes (supplied separately) Long battery life - typically 1-2 hours continuous use for 2 years Robust case for long life in harsh environments Display hold facility Isolated battery compartment These instruments can be calibrated with probes listed as a System Calibration. To order please use the System Cal. stock number of the instrument and the System Cal. stock number of the probe.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement : +400°C
  • Thermometer Type : Handheld
  • Probe Type : T
  • Application : Food Industry
  • Best Accuracy : ±0.2 °C
  • Number of Temperature Inputs : 1
  • Resolution : 0.1 °C
  • Length : 155mm
  • Width : 67mm
  • Height : 40mm
  • Dimensions : 155 x 67 x 40mm
  • Battery Type : AA
  • CODE No.:101-453
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