63-6546-10 Siemens Insulation Sleeve for use with 3SB2 Series 3SB2908-8AB


  • CE. 3SB2 - Accessories. Switching element. N/O or N/C contact For inserting the holder or lamp holder. The 3SB2 range from Siemens offers various accessories to accompany the pilot devices including, Incandescent lamps, fixing collars and holders for contact blocks. 24 V / 1 W With wedge base W 2 x 4.6 d. Plug connector. Push-on terminal for male tab 2.8 x 0.8 mm Insulating sleeve for male tab, may be pushed on from the front. Backing plate. Yellow, 50 mm Self adhesive Without label or With "EMERGENCY STOP" label. Tool. Removal tool for holder and lamp holder with holder Lamp gripper for lamps with W2 x 4,6 d base


  • Quantity:1bag(250pieces)
  • Accessory Type : Insulation Sleeve
  • For Use With : 3SB2 Series
  • CODE No.:102-743
Order No. 63-6546-10
Model No. 3SB2908-8AB
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Quantity 1bag(250pieces)
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