63-6546-50 Vishay Potentiometer Knob, Dial Type, 46mm Knob Diameter, Chrome, 6mm Shaft 21B11B010


  • locking key and mounting instructions. 15-Turn 46mm Diameter - Vishay. 1499 turns total Satin chrome with black markings High quality precision mechanism Locking lever for fixed position For 6mm Diameter shafts Zero blacklash between graduated dial and the drive sleeve


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Shaft Size : 6mm
  • Knob Diameter : 46mm
  • Knob Height : 25.4mm
  • Body Colour : Chrome
  • Indicator Colour : Black
  • Knob Type : Dial
  • CODE No.:104-161
Order No. 63-6546-50
Model No. 21B11B010
JAN Code 0000000000000
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Quantity 1piece
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