63-6546-80 E10 Indicator Light, Clear, 12 V, 250 mA, 3000h 104-862


  • T-3 (10mm) Tubular MES. Filament lamps will perform to specification and give optimum life when: a) They are powered at the rated voltage from a stabilised 50 Hz AC supply. b) Ambient temperature is in the range 20°C to 25°C. c) No mechanical vibration is present. Deviations from these criteria have a significant effect on lamp life, particularly with low current filaments ( ;80mA). Power from a DC supply at the rated voltage can reduce the listed life by up to 50%. The effect of deviation from the rated operating voltage should be noted: 5% above will reduce lamp life by up to 50%. 5% below will significantly increase lamp life. Power consumption may vary up to ±10% compared to the listed values at the rated supply voltage. Therefore particular care should be taken when a number of lamps are connected in series. In such applications it is recommended that the rated voltage be reduced by 10% to prevent premature failure of individual lamps.


  • Quantity:1bag(10pieces)
  • Voltage Rating : 12 V
  • Lamp Base : E10
  • Current Rating : 250 mA
  • Diameter : 10mm
  • Lamp Size : T3 1/4
  • Length : 28 mm
  • Lens Colour : Clear
  • Luminosity : 12.5 lm
  • Life Hours : 3000h
  • CODE No.:104-862
Order No. 63-6546-80
Model No. 104-862
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