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63-6546-96 LYTE-MV-EXCEL-660-50-30-D Laser Module, 660nm 50mW, Modulating, TTL control Line pattern +3.5 → +5.5 V LYTE-MV-EXCEL-660-50-30-D


  • These laser diode modules are OEM devices and conform to the emission criteria of BS (EN) 60825. It is recommended that this standard and the Data Sheet are read before these lasers are used. Serious eye damage may result if any laser of 1mW or above is pointed directly at the eye. Lyte-MV-Excel Machine Vision Laser. The Lyte-MV-Excel range of laser modules provides reliable high power, industrial laser light sources with well-defined line,illuminations. Unique user adjustable focus without removing line optics Uniform non-Gaussian line Laser classification maintained during focus adjustment Excellent focus ; line quality


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Laser Type : Modulating
  • Laser Colour : Red
  • Emission Pattern : Line
  • Laser Wavelength : 660nm
  • Optical Output Power : 50mW
  • Control Type : TTL
  • Parallel Beam Divergence FWHM : 30°
  • Perpendicular Beam Divergence FWHM : 30°
  • Dimensions : 19 (Dia.) x 88mm
  • Diameter : 19mm
  • Length : 88mm
  • Maximum Supply Voltage : +5.5V
  • Minimum Supply Voltage : +3.5V
  • Series : Lyte-MV
  • CODE No.:105-136
Order No. 63-6546-96
Model No. LYTE-MV-EXCEL-660-50-30-D
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