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63-6547-02 ACCULASE-PWM-650-5-S Laser Module, 650nm 5mW, Modulating, PWM control Dot pattern +4.75 → +5.25 V ACCULASE-PWM-650-5-S


  • These laser diode modules are OEM devices and conform to the emission criteria of BS (EN) 60825. It is recommended that this standard and the Data Sheet are read before these lasers are used. Serious eye damage may result if any laser of 1mW or above is pointed directly at the eye. Acculase LC ; PWM Red Laser Modules. The Global Laser Acculase range of red laser diode modules offers a variety of output powers and lens options to provide a high level of optical and electrical performance. The lasers are precision set during manufacture to ensure accurate beam alignment with the outer casing of the modules making it quick and easy to get the lasers up-and-running. Two methods of output intensity control are available: LC types use a linear analogue control voltage whilst the PWM types use a digital control input to vary the duty cycle. Typical applications for the Acculase laser modules include graphics displays, alignment systems, medical applications and telemetry. High efficiency 635 or 650nm red LED laser module High pointing accuracy ; 1mRad Fitted lens provides circular/elliptical beam Internal driver circuitry 0 – 1V Linear input control voltage (LC types) 5V TTL PWM input (PWM types) Electrically isolated case Reverse polarity protected


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Laser Type : Modulating
  • Laser Colour : Red
  • Emission Pattern : Dot
  • Laser Wavelength : 650nm
  • Optical Output Power : 5mW
  • Laser Class : 3R
  • Dimensions : 15 (Dia.) x 47.5mm
  • Application : Alignment
  • Diameter : 15mm
  • Length : 47.5mm
  • Maximum Supply Voltage : +5.25V
  • Minimum Supply Voltage : +5.25V
  • Supply Voltage Range : +4.75 → +5.25 V
  • CODE No.:105-186
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