TE Connectivity

63-7970-96 TE Connectivity FASTON 0.187 Series Series Red Insulated Crimp Receptacle, 4.75 x 0.81mm, 0.3mm² to 0.8mm², 22AWG to 2-520275-2


  • UL310, File no E66717; CSA22.2 no 153, File no. LR7189; DIN VDE 06279//9.91. Reg no. 5193; NEMA DC-2. Tab Sizes:0.187" (4.75mm) and 0.250" (6.35mm). TE Connectivity FASTON 187 Series Ultra-Fast Receptacle Crimp Terminals. FASTON 187 series Ultra-Fast fully insulated receptacle crimp terminals designed to prevent shock and electrical short circuits from exposed leads by providing complete encapsulation to a tab and receptacle when mated. The housings of these FASTON 187 series Ultra-Fast receptacle crimp wire connectors are made from UL 94 V-2 type 6/6 nylon which completely enclose a tin plated copper alloy FASTON receptacle contact which is recessed within the housing to allow its use in 600V applications. These FASTON 187 series Ultra-fast crimp terminals terminate 26-10 AWG solid, fused and stranded wire with the wire and tab size designation indicated on the housing. Slots in the housing membrane enable shouldered tab styles to be accommodated. The inner housing of these FASTON 187 series Ultra-Fast receptacle crimp terminals and a two-stage roll configuration and a cantilever mounted dimple on the receptacle terminal provide positive entry and lead-in of the mating tab contact even in blind mating locations. Red 0.25 - 1.6 mm² Blue 1.0 - 2.6 mm² Yellow 2.7 - 6.6 mm² For Crimping Tools see typically, Stock No ; 245-5351 245-5351


  • Quantity:1bag(100pieces)
  • Series:FASTON 0.187 Series
  • Insulation:Insulated
  • Insulation Material:Nylon
  • Minimum Wire Size mm²:0.3mm²
  • Maximum Wire Size mm²:0.8mm²
  • Minimum Wire Size AWG:22AWG
  • Maximum Wire Size AWG:18AWG
  • Tab Size:4.75 x 0.81mm
  • Length:23.75mm
  • Contact Plating:Tin
  • Contact Material:Brass
  • CODE No.:782-0735
Order No. 63-7970-96
Model No. 2-520275-2
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Quantity 1bag(100pieces)
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