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63-7970-99 TE Connectivity CERTI-CRIMP II Ratchet Crimping Tool for Ampmodu Mod IV Contacts 91516-1


  • TE Connectivity CERTI-CRIMP II Straight Action Hand Crimp Tools. CERTI-CRIMP II Premium grade straight action hand tools (SAHT) for crimping a wide range of terminals and contacts on to wire. The dies of these straight action hand crimp tools close in a straight line. These CERTI-CRIMP II premium grade hand crimp tools are designed to high specifications using high-quality materials to produce high-quality consistent terminations with optimal electrical and mechanical performance. Premium grade hand crimping tools require minimum operator skill to produce high quality crimps to specified parameters. Each hand crimp tool incorporates crimping dies, locating and straightening features that enable the terminals crimped by these tools to meet requirements of applicable TEC application (114-) specifications. These CERTI CRIMP II crimp tools feature contact locators, support and wire stops. Stock numbers ; 782-9741 782-9741 , ; 782-9120 782-9120 , ; 782-1122 782-1122 , ; 366-1816 366-1816 , ; 864-3715 864-3715 and ; 864-3719 864-3719 have a flip locator that provides increased accuracy for the location of small terminals. The CERTI-CRIMP II crimp tools for crimping insulated terminals also feature 4 position insulation crimp height adjustment. The whole design of the CERTI-CRIMP II straight action crimp tool ensures that the dies are bottomed independent of operator technique, fatigue or tool wear ; tear. The crimp tool features a CERTI-CRIMP ratchet which is factory set to stay locked until the handles of the tool are fully closed and the dies are bottomed. This ratchet mechanism ensures that the tool only opens once a complete crimp cycle is achieved preventing partial crimps. The handles of the crimp tool are set to specific pressures to meet different crimp force requirements. To aid identification wire size information is displayed on the head of the crimp tool. Features and Benefits. High specification design using high-quality materials Fixed crimp dies for specific terminal types Minimum operator skill required CERTI-CRIMP ratchet control for full crimp cycle assurance Contact locator and wire stop Flip locator versions available 4 position insulation crimp height adjustment Ergonomically designed handles with pre-set handle force pressures Repairable Life service of over 50000 cycles if maintained. Applications. These CERTI-CRIMP II premium grade straight action hand crimping tools are used to crimp a wide range of terminals and contacts. Applications include low production runs, prototype work and repairs and any application that requires consistent, high-quality terminations. These CERTI-CRIMP II premium grade hand crimp tools are also suitable for use in most military, UL and CSA applications


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Crimp Tool Type:Ratchet
  • For Use With:Rectangular Contacts 20-24 AWG and 26-30 AWG
  • Wire Size mm²:0.2 → 0.5mm²
  • Wire Size AWG:24 → 20
  • CODE No.:782-1129
Order No. 63-7970-99
Model No. 91516-1
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