63-7971-22 Martindale RSPC15250 Phase Rotation Tester CAT IV 600V CAT IV 600 V 60Hz 600V ac, Model PC 15250 PC15250


  • One fused crocodile clip, two fused prods with retractable GS38 shrouds, instructions. PC15250 Phase Sequence Indicator. The PC15250 Phase Rotation Tester is a simple and quick 3 phase continuity and rotation indicator. The phase sequence indicator gives a fast and effective identification of worn or unmarked cables and ensures 3-phase outlets and machines are wired correctly Retractable GS38 probe shields give a choice between using long, exposed tips for reaching inaccessible contacts, and safer, shorter lengths for increased safety Input voltage range: 50V to 600V AC (Phase to Phase) Input frequency: 40 to 60Hz Input current: < 3mA Conforms to GS38 and BS EN61557-7, CAT IV 600V Class II, Double Insulation


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Connection Type:Crocodile Clip, Test Probe
  • Overvoltage Category:CAT IV 600V
  • Safety Category:CAT IV 600 V
  • Current Consumption:3mA
  • Dimensions:116 x 69 x 25mm
  • Weight:361g
  • Height:25mm
  • Length:116mm
  • Maximum Frequency:60Hz
  • Minimum Frequency:40 Hz
  • CODE No.:782-4424
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Model No. PC15250
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