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63-7971-39 TE Connectivity Pro-Crimper III Series, Crimping Tool, AMPLIMITE HD-20 Contacts 58448-2


  • TE Connectivity PRO-CRIMPER III SDE Hand Crimp Tools. PRO-CRIMPER III commercial grade hand operated crimp tools for crimping a wide range of terminals and contacts. These PRO-CRIMPER III commercial hand tools have a precision construction of durable high-carbon steel with extra strength pivot pins for long lasting performance. Commercial grade crimp tools use SDE (Standard Die Envelope) technology. SDE technology enables the dies to be used in different types of tooling within the same SDE system including, battery, pneumatic and electric tools. There is no need to have separate dies fitted to each type of tool, saving time and costs. The PRO-CRIMPER III crimp tool fits a large selection of crimp dies which can easily be interchanged. Commercial grade hand crimping tools incorporate features for long lasting performance and easy use. The PRO-CRIMPER III crimp tool features an adjustable ratchet which stays locked until the handles of the tool are fully closed and the dies are bottomed. This ratchet mechanism ensures that the tool only opens once a complete crimp cycle is achieved preventing partial crimps. An easy access ratchet release is available for opening the tool jaws at any time during the crimp cycle. The pin and socket style crimp tools feature locators which locate the contact in the dies, provide a wire stop and reduce contact rotation and bending during crimping. The head of the PRO-CRIMPER III hand crimping tool is angled to reduce hand-stretch and to allow an easier view of the crimp area. The handles have a reduced handle force and an ergonomic design reducing operator fatigue and making the tool easy and comfortable to use. These PRO-CRIMPER III hand crimp tools are all supplied with a die set apart from stock number ; 849-114 849-114 which is a tool frame. Die sets for this tool need to be purchased separately. Features ; Benefits. High carbon-steel construction for durability Ratchet control ensures that a full crimp cycle is achieved Standard Die Envelope (SDE) for flexibility and cost savings Contact locator, support and wire stops Emergency ratchet release Angled head and ergonomic handles for user comfort. Product Application Information. These PRO-CRIMPER III commercial hand crimp tools are used to crimp a wide range of terminals and contacts. The versatility of the SDE technology allows these PRO-CRIMPER III tools to be taken from bench to production or into the field. Applications include R ; D prototyping, networking applications, field installation work and on-site repairs in industrial, commercial or institutional applications.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Crimp Connector Type:AMPLIMITE HD-20 Contacts
  • Minimum Wire Size AWG:28AWG
  • Maximum Wire Size AWG:20AWG
  • Series:Pro-Crimper III
  • CODE No.:782-9738
Order No. 63-7971-39
Model No. 58448-2
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