63-7971-50 ebm-papst 4400F Series Axial Fan, 119 x 119 x 25mm, 170m³/h, 5W, 24 V dc 4414F-RS0


  • ebm-papst Compact DC Axial Fans. Brought to you by ebm-papst, these axial fans are an excellent addition to cooling applications which require a high performing and durable compact DC axial fan. Whether the fan is mounted on a motherboard, used in fridge freezers or just as a cooling fan for electronics an ebm-papst compact axial fan is an excellent choice. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality. Features and Benefits. PBT Plastic housing, PA Plastic Impeller Full protection against reverse polarity Locking prevention Ball bearing design Powered at 24 V dc. What is an Axial Fan?. An axial fan is a type of fan commonly used within everyday applications, such as air conditioners and computers. It causes both air and gas (depending on the application) to flow directly through it in an axial direction. Allowing the air/gas flow to be axial at both entry and exit. The most common versions tend to have fewer blades than a conventional ducted fan which have similar operations. Are there finger guards available?. Absolutely, finger guards are perfect if your fan is in an exposed environment. Stock Number – ; 826-1363 826-1363 should protect against any potential accidents. What are the differences between ball bearings and sleeve bearings?. Ball bearing axial fans tend to have a longer life expectancy than sleeve bearing versions and are well known for being useful in harsher environments. The ball bearings within an axial fan are coated with a thicker lubricant which is less subjective to evaporation and ultimately is the reason of their longer life. What is reverse polarity?. Reverse polarity is a malfunction within an electronic device which can cause a potential shock hazard. If a device is not protected against this outcome, it can cause issues for health and safety and would also not be an easy repair job. Luckily the 4400 Axial Fan series from ebm-papst protects against this outcome.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Supply Voltage:24 V dc
  • AC or DC Operation:DC
  • Power Consumption:5W
  • Depth:25mm
  • Air Flow:170m³/h
  • Noise Level:43dB
  • Fan Speed:2900rpm
  • Bearing Type:Ball
  • Series:4400F
  • CODE No.:783-2731
Order No. 63-7971-50
Model No. 4414F-RS0
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