63-7971-72 Carel IR33 Panel Mount PID Temperature Controller, 76.2 x 34.2mm, 4 Output Relay, 24 V ac/dc, 115 → 230 V ac, 12 IR33W9HR20


  • IR33 Universal Electronic Controllers. The IR33 series of universal electronic controllers from Carel are a panel mounted controller offering an updated and upgraded module to replace its IR32 predecessor. The IR33 series controllers feature two independent control loops and now with the addition of auto tuning and a real-time clock for cycle and alarm management, the IR33 range of controllers fare suitable for a range of applications. Featuring a simple user interface with a clear LED screen and large control buttons, the controllers are easy to commission as well as coming in a standard 76.2 x 34.2mm size suitable for a 71 x 29mm panel cut out. Powered from 12 to 24 V ac/dc or by 115-230 V ac the units can also be used with transformers to for powering low voltage controllers from 110 V ac or 230 V ac. All of the IR33 series controllers are capability of network connectivity for both monitoring and programming purposes to make the IR33 controllers truly versatile. Using the optional RS-485 series interface you can content any of the SSR, Relay or Relay/Analogue units for complete ease of use. Auto Tuning. Auto tuning within the controller gives vital accuracy during configuration. The auto tune function uses rule based calculations typically used by experienced engineers to configure the controller either at the set-point or whist the load is being heated from an ambient temperature. Supplied with a default factory setting, the PID parameters allow standard control and functionality but are not optimised for the system the IR33 will control. Auto-tuning the controller is used to fine-tune the 3 control parameters involved to ensure the controller is optimised for any application. Real-time Clock. The addition of a real-time clock (RTC) to the IR33 series aids in the management of working cycles within the controller as well as to support logging alarms. The RTC in the controller is a low power resource for accurate time keeping freeing up system power for accurate monitoring and control. Working cycles controlled by the IR33 can rely on the internal clock for accuracy with the ability to remain time keeping even when the main system power source is off or unavailable. Real-time clocks are key to accuracy within time based controllers and should not be confused with hardware clocks governing digital information. Real-time clocks, unlike hardware clocks count in human time units for relative control. Features and Benefits. Temperature input or universal input Relay or SSR output versions 2 independent control loops Auto-tuning PID control Real-time clock Infrared receiver and buzzer Plug-in terminals Remote Control option Programming key compatibility


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Output Type:Relay
  • Supply Voltage:24 V ac/dc, 115 → 230 V ac, 12 → 24 V ac/dc
  • Size:76.2 x 34.2mm
  • Number of Outputs:4
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:-10°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+60°C
  • Communication Module Available:Yes
  • Display Type:Single Line
  • IP Rating:IP65
  • Range:Carel IR33
  • Mounting Type:Panel Mount
  • CODE No.:783-4718
Order No. 63-7971-72
Model No. IR33W9HR20
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