63-7972-25 [Discontinued]Infineon, PVI1050NPBF DC Input IGBT Gate Drive, MOSFET Output Dual Optocoupler, Through Hole, 8-Pin DIP PVI1050NPBF


  • Transistor Output - FET ; MOSFET, Infineon. The PDV13 series from Infineon is a single pole, normally open, solid-state replacement for electromechanical relays used for general purpose switching of analogue signals. It utilises Infineon HEXFET power MOSFET as the output switch, driven by an integrated circuit photovoltaic generator of novel construction. Bounce-Free Operation 1010 Off-State Resistance 1,000 V/μsec dv/dt 5 mA Input Sensitivity 4,000 VRMS I/O Isolation Solid-State Reliability


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Output Device:IGBT Gate Drive, MOSFET
  • Maximum Forward Voltage:8V
  • Number of Channels:2
  • Number of Pins:8
  • Package Type:DIP
  • Input Current Type:DC
  • Typical Rise Time:90 μs, 160 μs, 300 μs
  • Maximum Input Current:50 mA dc
  • Isolation Voltage:2500 Vrms
  • Typical Fall Time:220µs
  • CODE No.:784-0335
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