63-7972-73 RS PRO Brass Threaded Straight 7.6 mm x 14.9 mm Ceramic Tap Gland Threaded Fitting 784-5324


  • Ceramic Tap Glands 1/4 Turn. Material: brass/rubber Limited turn tap gland Suitable for 1/2in. Taps Easy to Use. Installation Instructions:. Turn off water supply Turn on tap to drain system Remove old heads and cartridge Fit new cartridge (reseating tap if necessary) Reassemble tap head onto body Turn tap on and off several times before reconnecting water supply


  • Quantity:1set
  • Connection 1:Threaded
  • Fitting Type:7.6 mm x 14.9 mm Ceramic Tap Gland
  • Material:Brass
  • Fitting Direction:Straight
  • Thread Size 1:1/2in
  • Connection Gender 1:Male
  • Thread Standard 1:BSP
  • CODE No.:784-5324
Order No. 63-7972-73
Model No. 784-5324
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