63-7972-74 RS PRO Chrome Shower Head PPSEC02RS 784-5346


  • RS Pro Chrome Regulated Shower Head. ABS Chrome Plated Finish Water saving Saving upto 30 litres per minute for a 5 minute shower Uses only 6 litres of water per minute 3 year warranty. Installation Instructions and Details. (1) Ensure that water is isolated at the shower control valve to prevent unnecessary loss of water (2) Loosen the shower coupling located on the outlet of the shower hose (3) Unscrew coupling and retain the rubber washer, the same washer maybe reused (4) Carefully connect the "Aqualogic" shower handset to the threaded coupling, taking care not to cross thread. For best results hand tighten first then test for leaks. Should additional tightening be required please use soft faced tools


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Maximum Working Pressure:5 bar
  • Maximum Temperature:+70°C
  • Number of Modes:1
  • Body Material:Plastic
  • Finish:Chrome
  • CODE No.:784-5346
Order No. 63-7972-74
Model No. 784-5346
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