63-7973-05 Facom Adjustable Spanner, 35 → 50mm, 202 mm, Metal 125A.50


  • FACOM 125A series Hinged Hook Wrenches. Introducing the series of C Hook Spanners from Facom. These high-quality, professional tools have been designed with the most demanding customers in mind and made from the top quality materials to ensure the long-life operation and maximum safety of use. Slim design allows for comfortable use in narrow spaces and adjustable capacity hook construction make this spanners ultra-versatile. Facom 125A Series C Hook Spanners are available in four size options: Facom 125A.35 / Capacity: 15mm - 35mm / Length: 168mm - ; 7845914 7845914 Facom 125A.50 / Capacity: 35mm - 50mm / Length: 202mm - ; 7845923 7845923 Facom 125A.80 / Capacity: 50mm - 80mm / Length: 280mm - ; 7691726 7691726 Facom 125A.120 / Capacity: 80mm - 120mm / Length 345mm - ; 8764910 8764910. Features and Benefits:. The hinge is fitted with a spring washer guaranteeing smooth and reliable operation Thin profile for working in hard to access narrow spaces Interchangeable pin Lightweight design and thin profile makes these C hooks perfect for toolbox storage Drilled hole for lanyard attachment or easy storage Hooks treated for high hardness. Satin Chrome finish. Typical Applications:. C Hook Spanners and Wrenches are typically used in the industrial and automotive industry for tightening and loosening nuts or bolt heads and adjusting slotted retaining rings.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Jaw Capacity:35 → 50mm
  • Overall Length:202 mm
  • Finish:Chrome
  • Material:Metal
  • CODE No.:784-5923
Order No. 63-7973-05
Model No. 125A.50
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