63-7973-06 Facom 7 piece Punch Set Anti-Vibration 249.GJ7


  • Facom 7 Piece Drift Punch Set. Introducing the high-quality set of 7 punches from Facom. These professional standard hand tools have been made from tempered chrome-molybdenum steel and have been forged to increase performance, durability and strength. This kit provides an excellent choice of tools for those who require precision and high-quality. These punches have been designed for professional applications as well as DIY tasks and are versatile pieces of equipment, essential to any toolbox. Features and Benefits:. These punches have been designed with ergonomic shock-absorbing handles which offer a secure grip as well as a knurled body, which in turn ensures precise punching without clipping This 7-piece punch set comes complete in a handy storage box for safe storage and protection, as well as offering portability when required on a working site The sheaths offer maximum safety and protection by avoiding damage to fingers and burr-free punch holes Each punch has been heat-treated for safety and longer life with the shank end hardened to 58 HRc and the head end hardened to 43 HRc These punches are ideal for aligning bolt or rivet holes prior to inserting a fastener and offer a professional finish The steel surface of the punch has been chemically blackened to prevent oxidisation when exposed to the elements Complies with DIN6453 standards. Applications:. Punch sets are ideal for punching neat holes in a variety of materials. Whether in textiles, woodworking or metalworking, a set of punch tools allows the operator to drive objects into the material or form an impression on a workpiece. Punch sets are typically used by: Carpenters Plumbers Electricians Engineers DIY enthusiasts. What sizes are included in this punch set?. The punches in this set are available in the following lengths: 140 mm, 150 mm, 190 mm, 200 mm, 210 mm, 216 mm and 230 mm Each punch also features the following shank diameters: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Shank Diameter:10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 8 mm
  • Number of Pieces:7
  • Punch Type:Anti-Vibration
  • CODE No.:784-5932
Order No. 63-7973-06
Model No. 249.GJ7
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Quantity 1piece
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