63-7973-09 Facom T-Handle Tap Wrench M12 830A.10


  • Facom 830A series Short ratcheting Tap Wrench. Introducing the professional T-handle Tap Wrench from Facom. This type of wrench allows for turning taps to help make screw threads but can also be used with reamers, screw extractors and other tools with a square shank. The Facom 830A series Ratchet Tap T-Handle Wrench can be set for right and left-hand operation or for non-ratchet use. Self-centring hardened tool steel jaws and knurled chuck sleeve provide a positive grip. Facom 830A series Tap Wrenches are available in two sizes: Facom 830A.5 Tap Wrench 85mm for tapping M6 - ; 755-4113 755-4113 Facom 830A.10 Tap Wrench 105mm for tapping M12 - ; 784-5948 784-5948. Features and Benefits:. T-handles slide both ways for tightening Hardened ; tempered split collet chucks for a positive grip Knurled ; hardened clamping nut Spring tension holds the handle in the desired position Ideal for use in small spaces or where reach is required Finished in Chrome Steel Can also be used with taps, reamers, screw extractors and other tools with a square shank Ratchet action is reversible by changing the position of the side slider. Typical Application:. Tap wrenches are tools designed to allow for turning taps or other small tools with a square shank. These type of wrenches are typically used in confined spaces where regular size wrenches can't be operated. Tap ; Die Wrenches are typically used by professionals such as: Plumbers Electricians Car Mechanics Machinery Maintenance Technicians Construction workers DIYers. FAQs:. ;i>How do you tighten the chuck? ;/i> The chuck is tightened by hand. Collets are compatible with all square shank tools and provide a very secure fit. ;i>What's the length of this wrench? ;/i> The length of Facom 830A.5 ( ; 755-4113 755-4113 ) is 85mm but the 830A.10 ( ; 784-5948 784-5948 ) is 105mm


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Type:T-Handle
  • Thread Size:M12
  • Finish:Chrome
  • CODE No.:784-5948
Order No. 63-7973-09
Model No. 830A.10
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