63-7973-10 Facom Inspection Mirror Probe, 55mm mirror dia. , flexible 834.R2


  • Facom 834 series Inspection Mirrors with Flexible Shaft. Introducing the series of professional inspection mirrors from Facom. These unique design mirrors feature high-quality glass mirror securely fitted to a flexible, stainless steel shaft allowing for reaching all hard-to-access areas. The plastic handle is ergonomically shaped to provide maximum comfort and a firm grip. Facom 834 series Flexible Inspection Mirrors are available in two size options: Facom 834.R1 36mm mirror diameter / 210 mm overall length- ; 162-5868 162-5868 Facom 834.R2 55mm diameter / 360 mm overall length - ; 784-5951 784-5951. Features and Benefits:. High-quality glass mirror crimped on plastic Articulated Flexible shaft 360 degree rotatable mirror design Available in two size options Supplied with a leather mirror cover. Typical Application:. Inspection mirrors, also known as dental mirrors are tools designed to allow safe inspection of inaccessible areas of electrical equipment, machinery, car engines and other engineering applications, also they are commonly used in medical applications. FAQs:. ;i>Is the shaft telescopic? ;/i> No, the shaft is fully flexible and the mirror can be rotated 360° but the shaft can not be extended. There are two length options available: 834.R1 ( ; 162-5868 162-5868 ) is 210mm long, 834.R2 ( ; 784-5951 784-5951 ) is 360mm long.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Diameter:55mm
  • Flexible:Yes
  • CODE No.:784-5951
Order No. 63-7973-10
Model No. 834.R2
JAN Code 0000000000000
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