63-7973-12 Facom Slotted Stubby Screwdriver 0.8 x 4 mm Tip 25 mm AT4X25


  • PROTWIST® Screwdrivers for Slotted-head Screw – Forged Blades. PROTWIST® professional screwdrivers include an ergonomic and comfortable grip for heavy-duty work. The dual material handle provides high resistance against shocks, chemicals, oil and hydrocarbons. Colour coding facilitates easy identification of the type of head. ANF Slotted screwdrivers series specification: ANF screwdrivers with extra-long blades for accessing difficult and hard-to-reach areas. The forged blade has an excellent fibre end providing great torsion resistance. Matt chromed blade, black treated head. Features ; Benefits: Professional Quality covered by the Facom Tools Lifetime Guarantee Moulded polyamide and polyurethane sleeve for improved strength and a natural hand grip Colour coding facilitates easy identification of the type of head Ergonomically designed and comfortable for a safe grip and higher torque operation High resistance against shocks, chemicals, oil and hydrocarbons Typical Applications: This screwdriver is typically used by professional tradesmen, engineers or those wishing to complete DIY. The screwdriver is one of the most essential hand tools in any workman ‘s kit. There are many situations and professions where a screwdriver is integral to carrying out a specific task revolving around loosening or tightening fasteners. Most common screwdriver types such as flat-blade and cross-recess have a very wide range of application. They are commonly used for: Mechanical and industrial production Woodworking/carpentry Fastening wood to metal Automotive Speciality screwdrivers such as TORX, Hex, Tri-Wing etc. are designed for specific applications such as: Electronics repairs Opening consoles - Xbox/ PlayStation Opening Mobile phones Opening MacBooks Approvals ; Certification: NF ISO 8764-1 / NF ISO 8764-2 ISO 8764-1 / ISO 8764-2 DIN ISO 8764-1 / DIN ISO 8764-2 ASME B107.600 FAQs: Is this screwdriver magnetised? No, this screwdriver is not magnetised but can be simply magnetised by using one of magnetisers available here at RS e.g. ; 667-3471 667-3471 Is this screwdriver VDE approved? No, this screwdriver cannot be used with electric devices as it hasn't been designed to work under any voltage.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Tip Type:Slotted
  • Tip Size:0.8 x 4 mm
  • Screwdriver Type:Stubby
  • Blade Length:25 mm
  • Overall Length:81 mm
  • CODE No.:784-5964
Order No. 63-7973-12
Model No. AT4X25
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Quantity 1piece
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