Carlo Gavazzi

63-7973-37 [Discontinued]Carlo Gavazzi 37 A Soft Starter RSGD Series, IP20, 9 kW RSGD4037F0VX20


  • RSGD - Soft Starter, Three Phase. RSGD is an extremely compact and easy to use 3-phase soft starter for AC induction motors. RSGD controls two phases and is internally bypassed to reduce the heat dissipation inside the panel. Through its micro-controller based algorithm, the RSGD achieves an exceptional inrush current reduction resulting in smoother starting and stopping of motors. The starting parameters can be easily set-up through a 3- knob user interface and LED indications are provided for indication of supply, alarm and ramping/ bypass status. RSGD provides a number of diagnostic functions including phase sequence, over- and under-voltage monitoring and locked rotor protection. Soft starting and soft-stopping of 3-phase squirrel cage motors 45mm wide, IP20 housing Operational Voltage: RSGD40 (220 - 400V) 2-phase controlled Integrated bypass relays


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Phase:3
  • Current Rating:37 A
  • Voltage Rating:400 V ac
  • Control Voltage:24 V ac/dc
  • Power Rating:9 kW
  • IP Rating:IP20
  • Overall Length:132mm
  • Overall Width:45mm
  • Overall Depth:153.8mm
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:-20°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+60°C
  • Series:RSGD
  • CODE No.:785-0776
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Model No. RSGD4037F0VX20
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