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63-7974-92 ON Semiconductor NCP1117LPSTADT3G, LDO Regulator, 1.1A Adjustable, 1.25 → 10.6 V 3+Tab-Pin, SOT-223 NCP1117LPSTADT3G


  • NCP1117 and NCV1117 Series LDO Regulators, ON Semiconductor. The NCP1117 and NCV1117 series of LDO positive fixed and adjustable voltage regulators have an output current in excess of 1A. Available in either SOT-223 or DPAK packages, they also come in a range of different output voltage options, fixed or adjustable. The fixed voltages have no minimum load requirement to maintain regulation. There is also adjustable output voltage options which can be programmed from 1.25 to 18.8 V. In comparison to other three-terminal adjustable regulators, the NCP1117 devices feature a large reduction in dropout voltage with improved output voltage accuracy and temperature stability. Output current in excess of 1A Fixed or variable voltage options 1.2V Dropout Voltage (max) @ 800mA Over Temperature Current limit and thermal shutdown protection NCV part numbers are for automotive applications. Applications Consumer and Industrial Equipment Point of Regulation Active SCSI Termination for 2.85 V Version Switching Power Supply Post Regulation Hard Drive Controllers Battery Chargers


  • Quantity:1bag(20pieces)
  • Output Voltage:1.25 → 10.6 V
  • Output Type:Adjustable
  • Package Type:SOT-223
  • Maximum Output Current:1.1A
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Minimum Input Voltage:-0.3 V
  • Maximum Input Voltage:18 V
  • Pin Count:3+Tab
  • Number of Outputs:1
  • Quiescent Current:50µA
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:0 °C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+125 °C
  • Reference Voltage:1.275V
  • CODE No.:785-7181
Order No. 63-7974-92
Model No. NCP1117LPSTADT3G
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