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63-7975-13 2 Channel Isolation Barrier With Analogue Output, 125 V dc, 253 V ac max, 20mA max 2865382


  • CE. MACX MCR-EX-SL Series Signal Conditioners. The intrinsically safe interface blocks of the MACX Analog Ex series offer the widest range of functions in the narrowest design. Ex-i signal conditioner for many applications Electrical 3-way isolation Screw or spring-cage connections are available IP20 protection Width only 12.5 mm


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Barrier Type:Galvanic
  • Number of Channels:2
  • Supply Voltage:24 V dc
  • Safety Voltage Maximum:125 V dc, 253 V ac
  • Safety Current Resistance:450Ω
  • Safety Current Maximum:20mA
  • Signal Type:Analogue
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:-20°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+60°C
  • Operating Temperature Range:-20 → +60 °C
  • CODE No.:785-7803
Order No. 63-7975-13
Model No. 2865382
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