63-7975-18 [Out of stock]RS PRO Micrometer Internal, Range 50 → 250 mm 785-7847


  • Tubular Rod Inside Micrometer. Professional range of mechanical tubular rod inside micrometers supplied with a fitted case and adjustable tools. Accuracies of 0.01mm. Ranges of 50 to 600mm. Non-glare satin chrome barrel and sleeve. Each set consists of a micrometer head with locking screw.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Resolution:0.01 mm
  • Imperial or Metric:Metric
  • Micrometer Type:Internal
  • Battery Operated:No
  • Maximum Measurement:250mm
  • Minimum Measurement:50mm
  • CODE No.:785-7847
Order No. 63-7975-18
Model No. 785-7847
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